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Sixth Form STEP talks designed to Share, Teach, Empower, Progress

Sixth Form STEP talks designed to Share, Teach, Empower, Progress

On Tuesday, Year 9's assembly was an interesting foray into the expertise of the forensic pathologist as part of a proposed programme of "TED talk" styled presentations to be delivered by our sixth formers.

Two trial presentations have now taken place, with Year 8 enjoying a talk on etymology and Year 9 appreciating the intricacy of forensic science. 

Our Sixth Form Academic Prefects, Victoria G. and Reem S. are the start-up team behind up this initiative, which will see STEP talks (Share, Teach, Empower, Progress) give Sixth Formers the opportunity to present on an academic interest, and other years the opportunity to listen and absorb from a range of enthusiastic speakers.

Victoria is intending that: 

"Our programme of talks will cover a rich and varied range of topics with, hopefully, something for everyone to engage with."

Reem is an exponent of STEM, has considered haematology or forensic pathology as a possible career choice and was the speaker on forensic pathology. 

She led the 70-strong audience through an interactive discussion which saw students "thinking like a pathologist" when deciding what details they might consider when given a crime scene.

As she explained: 

Taking STEM subjects opens doors to all sorts of career paths, as well as being subjects that I enjoy. Pathology combines problem solving, law, scientific practices, and medicine to help secure fair, evidence-based criminal trials.

She describes it as being a long way from the days of fictional evidence used in, for example, the Salem Witch Trials in the 1690s.