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Sister Christopher turns 104!

Sister Christopher turns 104!

Many of you will be delighted to read that Sr Christopher celebrated her 104th birthday on 17 December 2020. 

Sister Christopher was a pupil at the school, became head girl, then a teacher and Headmistress and is the reason why our bursary fund is aptly named after her. 

She is currently living and working in Zimbabwe and talks once a week with one of our Governors, Sister Frances Orchard. She is now the only European CJ left in Zimbabwe. She loves the sisters there, but she still misses England. She is in remarkably good health given her age and can move around independently if a little slowly. Her hearing is not good! She usually wants an update on every sister in the English Province.

She remains a much loved sister, never complaining even though the quality of food out there is not good. She just says she is fortunate to have food as many in the country don’t. She finds the weather very hot – it is now summer – and rainfall, as always, is in short supply. Post in Zimbabwe is useless as the post workers just open everything in search of money or something to sell. If you want to contact her, or would like to make a donation to the Sister Christopher Bursary fund, please contact Emma Hanbury who can provide her email address.