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Senior school students create monologue and musical mash-up

Senior school students create monologue and musical mash-up

The school community truly missed the opportunity to both be a part of and watch live theatre last year. It was during this time that we had the idea of a monologue and musical mash-up! Students rehearsed either a monologue or musical number of their choice which they then filmed at home or asked the Drama department to record the performance. This way, the students still enjoyed the buzz of a performance, while the whole school community could see their wonderful songs and monologues.

Once all the filming had been completed, our amazing Drama Captain, Sarah H., asked if she could edit the performances together. Sarah has a passion for digital production and wants to study TV and Film Production at university. We were overjoyed with her offer, and I'm sure you'll agree that the finished video is both professional and brilliant! 

The Drama department were so proud of all the students who rehearsed and performed. Mr Abery, Joint Head of Drama, said,

"In a time when live theatre wasn't able to happen, our St. Mary's students demonstrated their hard work and resilience by rehearsing and performing such wonderful monologues and musical songs. Having a background in working in post-production, I also know that Sarah H. will go on to achieve fantastic things in this industry. Her attention to detail and skill in editing is so easy to see from the video". 

Please watch and enjoy the wonderful performance from our St. Mary's Drama students!

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