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Senior girls gain tips from professional netball player Jo Trip

Senior girls gain tips from professional netball player Jo Trip

62 Senior School girls recently joined Jo Trip, a professional netball player from Saracens Mavericks on Zoom for a live Netball Fitness session.

Saracens Mavericks are committed to developing netball skills to a national level and work across the East of England region. Jo Trip - fresh from representing England in the England Vs. All-Stars series on Sky Sports - took the girls through a full fitness session and then answered questions about her sporting career.

Many of the girls had enjoyed watching Jo play professionally, so it was a fantastic opportunity to meet, train and speak with Jo. Our Director of Sport, Miss Powell also received excellent parental feedback on this session:

Thank you! That was an amazing session and it was really good to see Molly leaping about the place and proper belly laughing (at me) for the first time in ages. Thank you so much for organising the session and thank you to Jo for taking the time to run it. Year 7 Parent
I just want to let you know that Joelle really enjoyed Netball fitness. She had a completely red head, was grinning from ear to ear and her eyes were sparkling. I’m pretty sure she’ll sleep well tonight. That was the first time since the new lockdown that I saw her like that. Thank you very much, it’s much appreciated!! Year 8 Parent