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Pre-prep weave emotionally rich nativity story in 'The Christmas Quilt'

Pre-prep weave emotionally rich nativity story in 'The Christmas Quilt'

Every year our pre-prep students do not just perform their nativity play, but help to shape its themes and tone. This year, Year 2 told the author, Mrs Kew, that they wanted their Nativity to begin with sadness and end with feelings of happiness and joy. Over their busy programme of daily rehearsals and performances, our girls more than achieved this aim. 

Beginning with a gloomy, rainy scene, The Christmas Quilt tells the story of the nativity through the collection of fabrics to make a quilt, bringing love and cheer to the world. Over the course of the play, a cast of characters, from the three kings and Mary and Joseph, to natural weavers, spiders, contribute materials to angels. The final scene unveils their beautiful quilt, representing the colours of Christmas, which illuminate the world. Central to conveying this emotional journey, a technical team of Year 6 girls (Serena H., Liana C., Marnie J., Kiana S., and Eleanor D.) expertly crafted light and sound effects throughout the show. 

Despite not performing in front of an audience for over a year, our girls put on a brilliant show, remembering all of their lines and directions. We would also like to say a huge thank you to our Year 6 girls for their work on sound and lighting, all the staff who contributed to this production, and the parents who supported our performances and helped the girls to prepare at home. Finally, we are grateful for the generosity of the PTA, who donated the central prop, the Christmas quilt, which we will display in the Junior School every year.

You can view an album of the performance here.