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Peer mentors 2021-22

Peer mentors 2021-22

Following a rigorous application and interview process, we’re pleased to announce the names of our Peer Mentors for the next academic year. 

St Mary’s has always had a strong focus on the wellbeing and positive mental health of our students, and our peer mentoring scheme is one of a range of support measures we have in place. Peer mentoring at St Mary’s is intended to enable students to make the most of their education, socially, academically, and spiritually. 

Peer mentors are excellent role models for younger pupils, encouraging them to think about the needs of others and being prepared to give some of their time and friendship. 

There are advantages on both sides of the relationship. Mentors can assist pupils with, for example, easing transitions through the School, or with the inevitable difficulties which can arise from changing friendship groups. Similarly, from the other perspective, it allows further opportunities for responsibility and personal growth for the pupils in the older years who act as mentors. 

The Peer Mentors 2021-22 are:
Rosie P.
Alice G.*
Masha I.*
Sarah H.*
Aliyah D-A.*
Tindra B-H.*
Ava L.*
Medeea H.
Sophie H.*
Kaitlin G.
Maryam G.*
Connie P.
Lily E.
Hana M-P.
Tabi B.
Lottie F.
Sarah W.
Clem S.
Esme H.
Elizabeth R.
Alice W. (in Boarding only)
Saniya T. (in Boarding only)
Elizabeth G. (in Boarding only)

*denotes those who have received Mental Health Champion training.