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Pastonian 'Poddy' Podcast launches with first episode!

Pastonian 'Poddy' Podcast launches with first episode!

Alumna Helena C. joins host Emma Hanbury, our Development and Alumnae Relations Manager, to discuss all things life and St Mary's on the very first episode of our new podcast - Pastonian Poddy!

Emma has been talking with some of our outstanding alumnae in a series of podcasts about their time at St Mary's, their happy memories and maybe some not so happy times where they have managed to overcome challenges and which, looking back, have made them stronger and more resilient. 

Listen in below to hear Helena's journey to becoming a PC with Cambridgeshire Constabulary in the first episode and do keep your eye's peeled for future instalments. 

You can visit the Pastonian Poddy here to subscribe to our podcast on your phone.

Emma is looking forward to learning what have been the pivotal moments that have made these alumnae choose a specific career path and what amazing careers and lives they have been able to pursue. Why not get in touch and tell us your story?

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