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Our international students share their interests: Nancy Y., Year 10

Our international students share their interests: Nancy Y., Year 10

Our aims for our Y10 English as an Additional Language (EAL) students are to develop our students' writing skills by exploring different genres and writing styles.  With this in mind, we asked them to explore writing informal, engaging blogs to share with our followers and supporters.

We like how Nancy Y.'s description lures you in to a whole world of fun with numbers!

"A Boring but Fun Game"

Have you ever thought that plain and dull numbers can construct a world of joy? If not, it’s a brilliant chance for you to start trying sudoku, the most fantastic game creation ever! You might have seen this kind of graphic in newspapers or online advertisements. These are the simplest form of sudoku people work on. You fill in numbers from 1 to 9 and ensure they all appear once in each row, column, and 3x3 square. In addition, there are also other captivating forms like X-shape sudoku, colour sudoku, and so on. They all follow similar rules but add a lot more interest.

World of Numbers

Like most people, I wasn’t fascinated by the game initially. I had downloaded the game by accident and tried some times out of curiosity, but lost interest soon afterwards. I left the game on my phone for a few months before picking it up once again. This time, the experience utterly changed — I couldn’t stop filling in those digits, and what had seemed to be boring turned out to be profoundly tempting. Gradually, it became more and more absorbing until I was completely addicted.

Logic Chain

So, what can sudoku bring us? Is it of any benefit and worth the time? My answer is obviously YES! The most superficial upside is that playing sudoku elevates your logical thinking. After all, it has a strong connection with maths. When playing the game, you have to work with different possible situations and identify the numbers that fit all the potential conditions. It requires a lot of patience and thinking. Nevertheless, it builds up your mind palace and you can tell you're improving as you spend less and less time on each puzzle, which gives you confidence.

Sudoku World

Now we've reached the end of this article, I’d like to share with you the App I play sudoku on. This marvellous App is called Sudoku World. Unlike many other sudoku Apps on the market, it mainly focuses on sudoku itself instead of the ‘fancy’ ways to make profit out of the App. The settings and layouts are clear and intelligible, and it still includes a huge range of sudoku puzzles of various types. It doesn’t have annoying functions like daily registration and wheel lottery for some unnecessary prizes, nor does it have adverts which pop up during gaming and disturb your thinking process. Last but not least, the most essential advantage of this spectacular App is that it is FREE!

Why are you still hesitating? Come and join in playing sudoku too!

Download Nancy's eye-catching article here.

A lovely piece of writing Nancy, which captures the essence and the intrigue of the game. Keep an eye out for another installment in the series.