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Our international students share their interests: Mary L., Year 10

Our international students share their interests: Mary L., Year 10

Our aims for our Y10 English as an Additional Language (EAL) students are to develop our students' writing skills by exploring different genres and writing styles. With this in mind we asked them to explore writing informal, engaging blogs to share with our followers and supporters.

Mary L. eloquently makes the observation that music has multiple uses:

"Listening to music"

What do you like to do when you are free or bored? Activities such as playing video games, doing sports or going shopping are all good ways to spend your free time! As a student, I really need to relax when I don’t have work to do. Personally, I like to listen to music when I need to do so. But did you know different types of music could help you in different ways?

R&B music is a type of music that I really recommend if you feel stressed. When there is going to be an exam the next day, I always find it really hard to fall asleep since I can’t stop worrying. In that situation, I would put my earphones very slow and start to listen to R&B music. There are some singers such as Ariana Grande who have many R&B songs that I like very much. This kind of music is usually very slow and lyrical, with a compelling rhythm.

K-Pop is another type of music that I would listen to when I am bored with the work that I am doing. I also like to listen to K-Pop music when I am doing exercises because the music usually has a strong beat.

These are two kinds of music I would highly recommend to you. If you are interested in them, just go on any music application and have a try. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

Download Mary's musings on music here.

Well done Mary for an insightful piece!