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Our international students share their interests: Hannah L., Year 10

Our international students share their interests: Hannah L., Year 10

Our aims for our Y10 English as an Additional Language (EAL) students are to develop our students' writing skills by exploring different genres and writing styles.  With this in mind, we asked them to explore writing informal, engaging blogs to share with our followers and supporters.

This call to action by Hannah L. is written in a motivational style that is hard to ignore.

"Rope skipping - unrope yourself from reality."

Have you ever wondered what is the best leisure activity?

Well, as a dedicated rope skipper, I can tell you rope jumping is the answer. This activity may be underrated, but you'll certainly fall in love with it once you've tried it out. Let me guide you in learning more about it!

It helps boost your physical strength

Jumping rope is excellent for strengthening your heart and muscles, plus also for improving your lung capacity. It's a high impact exercise that stresses your bones in a healthy way to make them stronger too. Several studies have also shown such results with rope skipping and it's indeed superb compared to being a couch potato and using an electronic device, which is probably what you've been doing too much of, like now. You may want to have some rope jumping moments after finishing reading this article.

Your well-being can improve

In contrast to most exercises which can feel like chores, skipping rope is an enjoyable while highly effective activity which can bring joy to your usual busy routine and may help ease anxiety. This is a marvelous way to temporarily escape from all the stress and have some "me time".

East or west, rope skipping is the best!

Wherever you find yourself, through this exercise, you're able to build your power, both physically and mentally. There may be alternatives, but rope jumping is a convenient activity which can be done indoors or outdoors and which is easy to succeed in even for beginners, and the only thing you need to have ready is a rope. So have fun with your rope in your leisure time!

Download Hannah L.'s original here.

A convincing article; well done Hannah! Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of our Year 10 blog.