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Our international students share their interests: Emily B., Year 10

Our international students share their interests: Emily B., Year 10

Our aims for our Y10 English as an Additional Language (EAL) students are to develop our students' writing skills by exploring different genres and writing styles.  With this in mind, we asked them to explore writing informal, engaging blogs to share with our followers and supporters.

Emily B. decided to write this captivating piece, turning a very simple concept into a truly delightful and informative read. What do you think?

"A great way to relax!"

Have you ever felt so stressed that you just want to head off to the distance, or dive into the deep blue sea? There are some leisure activities that can clear your mind, kick in some positivity and reboot your brain. Here’s something simple that I really enjoy – going to town.  

How did I start?  

I started this hobby in October. I was buying a few necessities when I saw a new shop selling Harry Potter merchandise next door. I wasn't a fan of Harry Potter, but I still went into the shop to take a look. Surprisingly, the items there were so interesting that I stayed for almost an hour! This experience has encouraged me to go into new shops that I've never been to. I've also discovered many interesting places: stores, arts and crafts galleries selling paintings and photographs, streets with decorative architecture, and even a few university campuses! 

How could this benefit you?  

When you're in town by yourself, you can leave your stress and worries in your room and clear your mind. This makes you feel relaxed: you can dive into the atmosphere of your me-time and perhaps get to know more about your neighbourhood. The feeling of freedom is enjoyable, I recommend you try it! 

Download Emily's writing here.

Compelling writing Emily. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one in this series!