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New textiles studio opens in Studio 47

New textiles studio opens in Studio 47

The textiles studio, created during summer, 2021, is located in Studio 47, commonly known as the art block. This studio is a creative hub for the Sixth Form textiles students, where they can work both independently and collaboratively alongside other students and their teachers, allowing them to branch away from the curriculum that is provided for the younger years.This space also provides the Sixth Formers with the opportunity to work during school hours without disrupting the younger years. This studio is only shared by two-year groups, Year 12 and 13, meaning it has a wider availability schedule.

The studio’s interior is minimalistic generating a more professional and inspiring mood, to allow students to feel more creative and mature. Since working in this new space, students say they feel motivated and they believe their work has improved. The design of the room is modern and sleek, decorated with colours such as beige, white and cream and what is lovely about the décor is the brightly coloured posters. ‘Senior school’ decoration is absent, replaced with more modern posters and photos, adding to the professional feel you get when entering the room.

One A-Level textiles student said:

“The new textiles room has been a great addition to the school. I love that it is a room specifically for the Sixth Form and I feel that it helps with the transition from GCSE to A Level. My favourite part is how we have access to the department without a teacher and it really aids to my creativity. I feel free to use all fabrics available and I am very excited to make use of the new equipment.”

Within the studio space, students are provided with facilities and equipment which allows many to create and design without limitations. The studio includes sewing machines, a heat press for printing, and a CAD embroidery machine, allowing students to explore the different digitally applied techniques, as well as large tables, so students can work collaboratively with their peers. Much of what is provided allows students to explore and establish themes independently, creating students with a broader range of skills and techniques to enhance their work.

By Sophie H. and Sophie S.

Year 12 Textiles Scholars