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Junior students take their learning to the next level with extracurricular activities

Junior students take their learning to the next level with extracurricular activities

It was not just lessons that started last week, as St Mary’s Junior School also began its varied programme of extracurricular activities. These options allow our youngest members to discover and enrich their skills, talents and interests at this crucial time in their development.

Students as young as Year 1 have already been enjoying their first ever Mandarin and French lessons, helping to foster an early love of languages. 

Music lessons started with a bang for girls in Preschool through to Year 5, with lots of singing, playing instruments and dancing. Children in Preschool and Reception have enjoyed singing together and taking part in many new games and activities, including drawing the melodic contour of popular songs such as "Starlight" and "Twinkle Twinkle" with our star wands. Year 1 enjoyed exploring percussion instruments while Year 2 went on a bear hunt outside in the garden! Year 3 and 4 were dancing to Jazz Music and getting stuck into some music theory as they prepare to embark on their Recorder Karate journey in a few weeks. Finally, Year 5 enjoyed playing "Son Macaron" in class, forming a mini percussion orchestra. 

Junior School students have also been exploring the surrounding playgrounds and greenery during their ‘woodland explorers’ session – outdoor play designed to help engage their curiosity and build important early years’ motor skills. 

We are looking forward to seeing how our students continue to shape their own paths through extracurricular activities and look forward to working alongside them over the coming months as they continue their learning journeys with us.

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