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Integrated Learning Day on Inclusion

Integrated Learning Day on Inclusion

On Friday, St Mary’s June Jubilee Jamboree continued with another Integrated Learning Day for Years 7-10.

Students took time away from their usual lessons to consider inclusion – a subject at the very heart of our Mary Ward values, and of who we are as a community. The aim was to create a safe space for discussing inclusion and diversity, both within the School and in wider society, and to empower the girls to engage intellectually with issues they care about.

An inclusive environment is one in which individuals feel safe and valued to be themselves; where the worth of every person is recognised; and the talents, beliefs, backgrounds and ways of living of all members of the community are respected.

Students discussed these issues in form groups, before going into breakout groups to decide on a particular topic to research further. They then spent one lesson creating their project, before presenting their work to the form, and voting on the most compelling ideas.

Giving students time and space to explore what inclusion and diversity mean to them allowed us to demonstrate that we value each and every one of them. Our community will only become more inclusive if the girls have a voice, so it was crucial to gather as many opinions as possible. Girls were encouraged to honestly tell us what we can do better to remove barriers to full inclusion for everyone, as we firmly believe that students who feel valued and included make more effective learners.