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History and Politics Society reflect on recent events in the USA

History and Politics Society reflect on recent events in the USA

Student leaders of our popular History and Politics Society - Amelie A, Emma B, Vanya, Isabelle M-S and Felicity W - have kept a close eye on USA election news over the past months and have shared key highlights across St Mary's.

The Year 11 students who lead the Society have worked collaboratively to produce a summary of election news for all Senior School students. The concise overview reported key points in the run-up to the election, including the Twitter outbursts, the pending lawsuits, Trump's (unproven) claims of electoral fraud and the tense days leading up to the confirmation of Biden as the 46th President.

The dramatic scenes of the Capitol Riots on 6 January were reflected on, alongside the subsequent banning of Trump from social media for incitement of violence and the resulting impeachment - a historic first, as Trump is the only president in history to be impeached twice.

The girls also reflected on new leaders in Biden's top team, outlining the responsibilities of roles such as Attorney General and the Chief of Staff. Of course, Kamala Harris and her place in history as first woman, first Black person, and first person of Asian descent to be elected as Vice President was noted, as was Amanda Gorman's powerful inauguration poem.

Dr A Gundy, Head of History comments, "There has certainly been a sense of 'living through historic days' in the past few months and through our active History and Politics Society, students are enjoying discussing and reflecting on these events."

History and Politics Society is just one of the extra-curricular clubs led by and available to Senior School and Sixth Form students.