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Hannah wins prestigious Outdoor Learning Design Competition

Hannah wins prestigious Outdoor Learning Design Competition

Congratulations to Hannah P., a Year 9 student, who has been voted the winner in KS3 of the TG Escapes Outdoor Learning Design Competition, run in association with Headteacher Update and SecEd magazines.

Entrants were asked to consider a range of issues in their designs, such as technological innovation, effective learning spaces, environmental factors, good use of outdoor space, and issues relating to climate change. The judging panel included teachers and school leaders from primary and secondary schools as well as design experts from TG Escapes.

Hannah designed a learning campus, with two eco-buildings, an outdoor classroom, nature areas and growing beds.

One of the judges commented:         

“A designer and architect in the making. Colourful and attractive design that would certainly be a great place to learn. Good details included on both the drawings and written information. I especially like the use of holographic technology and the outdoor/indoor feeling of the building designs. The use of a drainpipe turbine to generate poser when it is raining is inspired.”    

Another judge commented: “Incredible attention to detail and I was really pleased to see a focus on inclusion with a wheelchair ramp. I also loved the bug hotel and the reading corner!"

According to Hannah, the part she most enjoyed was designing and drawing out the buildings, as she loved to see all the colours make her model drawings come to life.

Hannah commented: “I am so proud of myself for winning. When I found out the news, I felt inspired to keep on going and keep on trying. It has massively boosted my confidence."