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Geography in the Senior School and Sixth Form

Geography in the Senior School and Sixth Form

During the second half of the Autumn Term, we were particularly impressed with the creativity some students showed with their Year 8 shanty town projects. Students were asked to create their own model shanty towns out of materials of their choice.

Grace P. made a particularly detailed example (pictured).

Year 13 were extremely innovative when making short documentary-style films related to the hazards associated with volcanic eruptions. This included one group being stranded in space unable to return to Earth and the reasons why volcanic ash and tephra were to blame.

Year 9 created excellent tropical rainforest deforestation projects highlighting the causes, effects and consequences of deforestation. They carried out independent research, linking and analysing their research extremely well. Hannah C., Lily F., Elizabeth R., Rebecca C., Orla D., Libbi H., Cecila V-F., Aily Z. and Christina T. created informative reports with evidence of higher-level thinking.

Year 12 were able to carry out some of their A Level fieldwork during a brief window in the Autumn Term when they designed a ‘Covid-friendly’ methodology to investigate the impact of globalisation on Mill Road. Despite the challenges posed by lockdowns, Year 13 all managed to create methodologies and collect data for the independent, individual fieldwork projects. They had to show ingenuity in how they collected responses, making use of Facebook pages and Google forms to generate questionnaire responses.

Years 10, 11 and 12 have shown great perseverance and resilience in the face of changes between remote and face to face learning as they go through their studies. Hattie N., Connie P. and Eloise S. from Year 10 created excellent Salford Quays case studies, showing that they can synthesise material well. Year 11 showed great group work skills in lockdown. They created excellent ‘adverts’ for sustainable housing solutions in Lagos. The girls used break-out rooms on Teams to create informative presentations on the different human factors that have affected the economic development of Ethiopia, as shown in this example below.

Presentation Presentations
Presentation Presentation

In time to come, Geographers will do much! We are looking forward to getting back out into the field with our Year 12 Covid-friendly camping trip to the Norfolk coast to investigate longshore drift and spit formation – and hopefully see some seals!

An impressive Mind Map created by A Level Geography student Eszther M.-S. (Year 13)

Mind Map

Mrs Norman and Mrs Leighton-Scott

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