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Garden club hosts lunchtime wreath-making session

Garden club hosts lunchtime wreath-making session

This week, the garden club, hosted by our gardeners, Sarah and Philip, gathered to make seasonal wreaths and table decorations. The garden club helps students to take time out from their days to focus on their wellbeing, through relaxing gardening activities. Sarah and Philip laid out a wide array of foliage, berries and other accoutrements, sourced entirely from our grounds, ready to be transformed into festive wreaths and decorations.

There was a good turn out, as many of the Senior School girls joined at the table to learn new wreath-making techniques during the lunch break. Their finished products will be used to decorate the school during this festive period.

They were also joined by a special guest, Norman the hedgehog, brought in by Philip. Philip adopted the hedgehog when he noticed its small size. Norman weighs just one third of the body weight necessary to survive winter hibernation in the wild. Philip will be looking after him over the cold seasons in a heated box in his garden, ready to release him back into nature in April. The girls in the Junior School and Senior School loved seeing the creature up close, and learning about its habits.

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