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From our Sports Captain

From our Sports Captain

I have enjoyed being Sports Captain this year so much. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I haven’t been able to be as involved as I would have hoped as year groups were not allowed to mix.

However, I think a massive sporting highlight this year has been the opening of the sporting facilities on Long Road. Having these facilities has been the highlight of all of the years I have spent at St Mary’s. I have played in school sports teams for seven years, so I know how having these facilities is going to be incredible for the future of sport at St Mary’s.

Being able to play on the new hockey astro, the netball courts and tennis courts in my final year has been amazing. 

During lockdown, so many girls showed their commitment to sport and this was especially highlighted last June, during the virtual sports day. This was another highlight, as so many girls throughout the school were able to achieve and get so much out of it. It almost felt as though the school community was partially together again, and I cannot wait for everyone to hopefully be able to come together for sports day in person this year.
A further highlight was the chance to put together some amazing assemblies, even though we were not able to present them in person. During the lockdowns, I was able to speak to students about the benefits of exercise and how it could help them during times of isolation.

I loved being able to connect with other year groups, even though it was virtually, and give help, support and advice, especially about how sport could help students be resilient and persevere through such tough times.

Girls throughout the school have shown resilience throughout the year in their commitment and dedication to sport and exercise. This made me so happy because sport is definitely something that helped me through these times and to see that others were able to be resilient in the same way was amazing.

This year has been like no other; however, I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of such an incredible community like St Mary’s. The teachers supported and encouraged me; they were still so enthusiastic during the isolated times of lockdown that virtual online learning was like being in the classroom. The positivity of St Mary’s is unique and even though lockdown was difficult, they helped me through it all. 
Sport specifically has been affected significantly through these times, the coming together and playing sport as a community again with friends is now so much more special.

I am sad to be leaving St Mary’s this year, but I am taking away some of the best memories and experiences I will ever have, and I am so grateful. 

Amelie D.

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