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From our Inclusivity Committee

From our Inclusivity Committee

Here our new Inclusivity Committee share their areas of focus and key achievements from the past year.

What is inclusivity? Why is it important to be inclusive?

Inclusivity is central to our values here at  St Mary’s. We are proud that all students are encouraged to use their voice. Across the school, we house a variety of cultures, religions, backgrounds, nationalities, experiences, gender identities and abilities – the Inclusivity Committee strives to connect with each student to ensure they have full access to all the exciting opportunities that St Mary's has to offer.

What has the inclusivity committee succeeded in this year?

This year, Amelie A., Imogen C., and Emma B. – all Sixth Form Prefects – initiated projects to raise awareness of the diversity of our community. In consultation with the full Student Council and the school’s Senior Leadership Team the Committee has begun a scheme to fully integrate boarders at Mary Ward House with the day girl community to ensure there is seamless continuity between the two community spaces.

So far, the Committee has conducted a survey of students and is working with the whole student body to ensure all students’ contexts are celebrated and understood. Similarly, the Committee worked with staff and students to standardise toilet symbols in school. Facilities now read “St Mary’s Students” and we are proud that this helps all students feel welcome and included at school.

What are we planning to do this term? What are our future goals?

The Inclusivity Committee is working on raising awareness of neurodiversity, introversion and hidden disabilities in school. We are working on creating materials for inclusion in assemblies and form prayers. We also look forward to working with the Wellbeing Committee on future plans to develop further support for all our students, whatever their context or needs.

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