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From our Head Girls

Tabitha D.

We have so much to be proud of this year. A particular project that the whole school was able to enjoy was our Sixth Form revue, a long-standing and much-anticipated annual school event. However, this year it felt particularly special. Not only was it our time to fill the school with happiness by providing dancing teachers, teachers mimicking the Kardashians, and the special teacher ‘boy band vs girl band’, but it was also the first online/film style event ever done at St Mary’s.

It was so successful as it came at a time when everyone needed something to look forward to, watch together in forms with tutors and friends, and relax. We found the humorous side to the tough times that we had gone through just after lockdown 2.0 and it was also a chance for the whole of the Upper Sixth to collaborate on a project which was fun - a rarity in Sixth Forms and something so special about St Mary’s that will go down in history and always be treasured! 

We have been challenged in ways that no other year has experienced as a result of the pandemic. We have adapted to being online and back in school as planned, albeit in our year group bubbles, and we feel proud to say that we have, despite the circumstances, been able to remain so positive. It is clear that the main thing that got us through the year was all of us being in the same boat and supporting each other.

What we would like to say to all students and future students is to enjoy what you are doing and be grateful for the opportunities given to you at St Mary’s - it is a whirlwind experience that we can’t believe we are about to finish but one that we should be able to look back on with immense joy.

If we can all tackle Covid-19, I am sure that we can tackle anything, and we will always be able to remember that ‘once a St Mary’s girl, always a St Mary’s girl’!

Maya S.

I can still vividly remember mentioning these words of Cicero, ‘Not for ourselves alone are we born’, in my prefect application letter a year ago, for they most beautifully encapsulated what I wanted to strive for whilst leading the school community - to make everyone feels like they truly are a part of it.

Looking back at the past year, my fondest memories regarded all such occasions on which, despite being physically apart, we have all supported one another, growing and learning together.

Delivering a plethora of assemblies throughout the past year on significant topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement, mental health or university applications undoubtedly enhanced my confidence and broadened my horizons. Moreover, I don’t think I shall ever complete as many quizzes and kahoots as I have done this year when hosting various socials, which allowed me to virtually meet so many people from the whole school, with whom I gladly shared these fun times.

My time at St Mary’s was truly exceptional and I shall never forget the academic support I have received from all of my teachers, for they most importantly taught me never to be scared of fulfilling my dreams, or the help of all the other staff members, whose kindness always brought a smile to my face.

I will forever treasure all the incredible memories and I can’t wait to return to St Mary’s as an alumna one day!

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