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From our Drama Captain

From our Drama Captain

I have been at St Mary’s for six years and it is fair to say that I am not the same person I was when I first joined. St Mary’s has helped me through so much by offering support, commemorating my highs and accepting my lows.

When I first stepped into Drama Studio 2, I was filled with apprehension and self-doubt. As someone who often felt too loud and chatty, I struggled to express myself in front of others as I was afraid of judgement. Little did I know that drama would enable me to reframe the fear of judgement - as what would they know?!

Through the support of the wonderful drama team, I built up the courage to perform in front of my classmates and eventually the whole school, delving into various roles in school productions such as 'Mermaids', 'A Christmas Carol' and the musical 'Sister Act'.

Moreover, drama ignited my passion for collaboration as I realised that a successful production relies not just on individual talent but also on the collective effort of the entire team. The drama department always manages to put on a show that enables all sturdents to work with one another and build solidarity between year groups. Through this, I learned the importance of effective communication, trust, and respect for one another's ideas and contributions, as I was once in the younger years’ shoes, where I didn’t feel heard or appreciated due to being younger.

I must show appreciation for Mrs Weber, the LAMDA Speech and Drama teacher as she helped me develop my skills in acting, fuelling my passion for performing. She has taught me since my very first week in St Mary’s and fuelled my love for performing. I really do suggest taking the LAMDA Award as it really does benefit students and involves them in drama and helps them to find their voice irrespective of whether they are taking Drama GCSE or A Level.

Overall, I have just loved drama, which is one of the reasons why I am taking it as an A Level! I would recommend anyone to take it as the endless support and advice leaves me more than grateful.

 Achu L. Drama Captain

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