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Eco fashionistas hit the catwalk at St Mary's Junior School

Eco fashionistas hit the catwalk at St Mary's Junior School

On Wednesday, St Mary’s Junior school had our first ever eco-fashion show. This event was jointly organised by the eco and school councils. We had the responsibility of introducing the show and describing the outfits.

The turnout was amazing as more than half the school joined in; many gorgeous outfits were presented by confident models throughout the school.

The event brought everybody’s creativity out, and that meant some spectacular pieces were on show. Everyone modelled them with poise and walked down the catwalk with pride.

As eco-councilors, we are prepared to make our school as eco-friendly as it can be. We believe that we created awareness of global pollution when we saw the amazing outfits on the catwalk. We explained how pesticides (plant chemical that the farmers use on the cotton plants) are bad for the environment.

We also talked about how plastics do not biodegrade in the ocean so marine life can get harmed by getting stuck in or swallowing the plastic. The amount of clothes that get thrown away because of the cheap cost of fast fashion was a shock to everyone. Did you know the UK puts 350,000 tonnes of useable clothes into land fill each year?

We hope that this event made everyone more aware of the important part we can all play in protecting the environment for our future.

Hettie and Chloe (Year 6 Eco Councillors) Mili and Lauren (Year 6 School Councillors)