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Eco Committee take an opportunity to feed the birds

Eco Committee take an opportunity to feed the birds

We are committed to making sustainable, environmentally-friendly decisions which benefit our school community and set a good example for students. Students can join our pro-active Eco Council in Junior School, or our Eco Committee in Senior School and Sixth Form. Supported by teachers, these students are driving change across our school community.

To tie in with the Big Garden Birdwatch, the Eco Committee at our Senior School recently organised the opportunity for students in a recent 'Eco Thursday' to make their own bird feeders. Not only was this to ensure we help support the local birdlife around us in these cold winter months, but it also provided the opportunity to upcycle old waste into something new. The students made their birdfeeders out of old water bottles, bringing new life into waste that instead could have ended up polluting our environment. 

As with all our Eco Thursdays, we had a range of students attend from Year 7 to Year 11, and they had a great time being creative and working collaboratively.

The Eco Committee would like to encourage others to have a go at making bird feeders. All you need is a clean bottle, garden string, a stick or part of a bamboo cane, and a craft knife. Follow the video here to learn how to do it: