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Earth Day competition sparks creativity with thought-provoking pieces that celebrate Earth

Earth Day competition sparks creativity with thought-provoking pieces that celebrate Earth

Saturday, 22 April, marked Earth Day, and the students at St Mary's Eco Committee decided to mark the day by launching an Earth Day competition.

Students from all years were encouraged to enter a creative piece to celebrate our Earth. Eloise S., Sixth Form Eco Scholar and chairperson of the Eco Committee commented:

"We organised the Earth Day Competition to give students the opportunity to celebrate our planet in their own original and creative way. It was really hard to pick a winning entry as they were all so beautiful, and it was clear a lot of effort had been put into each and everyone!"

Despite having a difficult time selecting the winning piece, our judges Eloise S. and Emmi B.,  our Head Girl, decided that the winning entry was Year 7 pupil, Nina M.'s poem 'Rolling Wheel', as the winning entry.

Emmi commented that:

"Nina's poem highlighted the beauty of the four seasons and conveyed a clear message. In her poem, she used everyday objects to portray the change of seasons. Her poem flowed seamlessly, allowing the reader to visualize the scenery of the season she described vividly. Her poem was a wonderful celebration of our Earth".

Here is Nina's poem for your enjoyment:

‘The Rolling Wheel’

Diamond peaks glistening 

in watery morning sun. 

withered hands of trees. 


The imps of cold will 

gnaw at your fingertips till 

numbness seeps in bones. 


Wavering bird shrills are 

sailing through the biting breeze, 

Among wisps of white. 


Heads of new, smooth buds  

poke out innocent faces 

to a blinding world. 


Kisses of pale pink 

blossom shower from trees. A 

palate of pastels. 


The sky shines as bright 

 as a kingfisher, as blue as  

the glinting sea depths. 


The wizened grass dyes, 

surrendering to the sun's  

bright sword. Death awaits. 


A rain of apples 

smother the grass, the sharp tang 

welcoming autumn. 


The sunset casts long 

dusky blue shadows, mango 

yellow light between. 


Streaks glowing with gold; 

watercolour wash tinted 

with blushes of pink. 


The forest is ablaze. 

Amber cloaks here like snow, a 

collage of colours. 


Then the winter will become again, 

and the year will turn again, 

The wheel will roll again. 

But how much trust can we put upon this world 

until it cracks? 

How much more weight can we heave upon this world 

until it splinters? 

How long till the wheel rolls off the cliff 

That we are steering it towards. 

Not much. 

Nina M.

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