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Dr Flint publishes article in Hindsight magazine

Dr Flint publishes article in Hindsight magazine

With nearly 50% of our teaching staff Oxbridge-educated, we are extremely lucky to have some very talented teaching staff - all experts in their chosen field. Many of our teaching staff publish articles, and some have even authored their own books!

Congratulations this month go to Dr Andrew Flint, Teacher of History & Politics and High Performance Learning Lead, who has recently published an article in the January 2021 edition of Hindsight magazine which provides new perspectives and analysis of key GCSE topics.

The insightful and engaging article is entitled 'How did the First World War End?' and analyses the reasons why Germany lost the First World War.

Dr Flint is already planning his next article, which will explore the reasons why US involvement in the Vietnam War was escalated by President Lyndon Johnson. This will add to a catalogue of articles already published, which span topics including Nazi Germamy, Communist China and protest movements in the US. Dr Flint has also published four History books, the latest title: Approaches to Learning and Teaching History was published by Cambridge University Press.

Dr Flint's Amazon Page