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Don't tell the Heffalumps or the Woozles!

Don't tell the Heffalumps or the Woozles!

We'd better not tell the Heffalumps, the Woozles, or Winnie the Pooh himself come to think of it, but we have bees! 

St Mary's is very excited to be the new home of a colony of honey bees, after they were found trying to take up an un-invited residency in a garden just a few miles away in Fulbourn. 

Courtesy of our fantastic gardeners, Phil and Sarah, the flighty swarm was carefully transported, (who would want to be in the back of that car!) to a hive on the rooftop of our science building in Bateman Street, safely away from students, Heffalumps and Woozles.

Sarah, who has been learning the craft of beekeeping through the British Beekeepers Association, was thrilled to help them move into their hive - the sky did get a little busy in the process, but nobody was stung and the bees settled quickly.     

We hope they enjoy their new surroundings, especially as it's right next door to the Botanic Gardens, where they are sure to find plenty of blooms. And maybe, just maybe, next year there will be honey for tea!