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Designing the perfect lolly to improve mental health

Designing the perfect lolly to improve mental health

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week at St Mary's, our Key Stage 3 pupils have been getting imaginative and creative to design their own ultimate ice lolly!

Our Visual Arts Department, supported by our enthusastic and talented Art Scholars, ran two workshops and asked pupils to think back to happy times with family, friends, and loved ones in the summer holidays, as well as any market research they have done in the past(!), to create mouth watering compositions, and design their ultimate ice lolly!

Using both childhood and nostalgic memories to help visualise their creations, they produced some vivid and vibrant outcomes with aesthetics that both made us smile, whetted our apetite and looked good enough to eat. Well done to all pupils who took part. 

View a gallery of images from the pupil's work.