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Celebrating Sporting Excellence: Highlights from Our Annual Sports Award Evening

Celebrating Sporting Excellence: Highlights from Our Annual Sports Award Evening

Last Thursday, St Mary's School hosted its highly anticipated annual Sports Award Evening, a celebration of sporting excellence and achievement. The event brought together our talented young athletes to shine a spotlight on their remarkable accomplishments in sports.

Among the standout students honoured at the ceremony were Klara D., a remarkable Year 6 student who was awarded the prestigious title of Year 6 Sports Woman of the Year, and Harriet C. who was awarded Sports Team Captain of the Year due to her excellent team organisation and dedication to going above and beyond expectations. The Ingrid Hoffman Award for Year 13 Sports Woman of the Year went to Connie P who has represented the School in netball, hockey, athletics, tennis, cricket and cross-country since Year 7.

In addition to individual awards, the U14 Coxed Quad team received recognition as the Sports Team of the Year, showcasing exceptional teamwork, determination, and sportswomanship. Their collective efforts and achievements exemplify the spirit of camaraderie and excellence that defines our School's sports programmes.

One of the highlights of the evening was the presence of guest speaker Honor Bartlett, a renowned GB Alpine Skier. Honor's inspiring journey and achievements served as a powerful reminder to our students that with dedication, perseverance, and belief in oneself, anything is possible. Her accomplishments, including a fourth-place finish at the Children’s World Championships and multiple victories at the English Alpine Championships, resonated with our students, demonstrating the limitless potential of women in sports.

As we reflect on the success of the Sports Award Evening, we congratulate all our students for their outstanding performances and commend them for their dedication to sportswomanship, teamwork, and personal growth. Their achievements serve as a testament to the values of determination, resilience, and excellence that we instil in every student at St Mary's School.