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Boarders' concert raises funds for RSPCA

Boarders' concert raises funds for RSPCA

As in previous years, the Boarders' Concert on Tuesday 21 March was the culmination of teamwork, determination and dedication by the boarding prefects, with minimal adult support, to deliver a variety show with music, dance and song.

It was a thoroughly in-house performance, produced by the boarders, performed by the boarders and watched by the boarders - plus the many students, staff, friends and family who came along to support them, too!

With eleven acts plus finale, the event included a string duo, a piano soloist and a Mandarin duo. Dances featured a group 'extravaganza' and a traditional Asian dance solo.

Congratulations to all the boarders for a super evening of entertainment. And a big thank you to everyone who came to watch and help make the event such a success. A total of £107 was raised for the RSPCA, the boarding prefects' nominated charity.