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Being immersed in 'Macbeth'

Being immersed in 'Macbeth'

This July saw the audience of 'Macbeth' experience the first ever immersive production of a play at St Mary's!

The audience was treated to an abridged version of the play set in a 1980s girls’ high school where the battle to become captain of the netball team unfolds between Beth, (Macbeth), Dee, (Duncan), Bea, (Banquo) and Duffy (Macduff). The promenade production with the action moving from the chapel lawn to the hall and the LRC and cortile garden alongside the 80s soundtrack certainly kept the audience on its toes. The performance was fresh, innovative and great fun and the outstanding performances of all the students certainly augur well for the future of drama at St Mary's.  Particular congratulations go to Eva N., Genevieve M., Alyssa F., Anna W. and Bea T. who were utterly captivating in the leading roles. Another highlight of the show was the quality of the set ‘Macbeth’s Castle’ which was designed by Sixth Former, Sara I. U., as her EPQ project.  For those of us of a certain age, it was pure 80s nostalgia with outstanding attention to period detail.

Members of the audience were impressed: 

"The concept and performance were ambitious, innovative and fresh. The girls clearly had a fantastic time!"


"Another triumph! What a lovely way to spend an evening: so incredible to see so many Year 7-9s involved and so much fun seeing and hearing the 1980s"

See photos from the evening here.