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Art Scholarship Workshop in Kettle’s Yard inspires students

Art Scholarship Workshop in Kettle’s Yard inspires students

On Tuesday 11 October, the printmaker and artist Jacquie Campbell welcomed our Senior School and Sixth Form art students into the Kettle’s Yard House and gallery for a day of creativity amongst the many artefacts on display.

Kettle’s Yard is a beautiful house in Cambridge, with a distinctive collection of 20th-century art and a gallery exhibiting contemporary and modern art. It also has a bespoke educational studio space where the students, inspired by their visit, developed a unique series of monoprints with which to bolster their sketchbooks and portfolios.


As well as exploring all that the house had to offer, students were able to sketch and photograph the remarkable artefacts, furnishings and artworks.

They also toured the gallery’s current exhibition by Howardena Pindell: A New Language. Pindell's work includes abstract paintings, works on paper, and film and through this, the artist explores important themes of racism in 20th-century and 21st Century America.

Ms Conroy, Head of Art said:

“We were able to discuss the concept of inclusivity, equality, and justice, all of which reflect the values of our foundress, Mary Ward. It was a refreshing and vital contribution to our studies to experience art in situ once more, after the restrictions of the pandemic.”

Reflecting on the visit, Miranda Q Year 13 Art Scholar said: 

“I found Pindell’s work very thought-provoking, and beautiful.”  

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