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Art and Photography students explore Space and STEAM

Art and Photography students explore Space and STEAM

Whilst working in the limitations of lockdown, our students responded with creativity experimenting with photo editing, graphics and new software skills.

Following themes of space exploration and investigating the connections betwwen science and visual arts through STEAM (STEM plus the arts, humanities, languages and more). This included A Level Photography students in Year 12 producing impressive solar eclipse images, built from scratch using CGI (computer-generated imagery) skills. Students took inspiration from Michael Benson, an artist, writer, filmmaker, and 'space science' specialist, Marcel Drechsler and the work of female astrophotographers.

“In a time when lockdown prevents physical exploration, why not try creative ones instead! Please enjoy the wonderful fictional and fantastical nebula and galaxies our students have created. Solar systems that await discovery!”

Ms Conroy

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Explore work by:

  • Cristina H.-P. Y13
  • Olivia B. Y12 Photography
  • Daria S. Y12 Photography
  • Masha I. Y12 Photography
  • Sofia A. Y12 Photography

Space inspired gallery of work