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A level geographers hit the streets

A level geographers hit the streets

Where better to start investigating the impact of globalisation than in your local area? A level Geography students were recently out and about on Mill Road, broadening their understanding of globalisation in action.

Students noted the presence of a number of international retailers and restaurants, and the range of facilities and shops catering for the needs of a multi-ethnic community. They added that even chain outlets such as Co-op and Pizza Hut were catering for a wide variety of cuisines. Additionally, local shops were sharing ideas, experiences and lifestyles – adding to the sense of an integrated community. One of the markets claims to be ‘a melting pot of culture and cuisine’. One student noted that Mill Road restaurant Al:Amin challenges its customers to ‘request a spice we do not have’, and concluded that this suggested a wide range of diverse products, coming from all parts of the world.

It was a great opportunity for students to look a little closer at their locality, and to get a deeper understanding of the influences of globalisation around them.

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