The best things about boarding at St Mary's

The best things about boarding at St Mary's

We asked boarders from Year 5 to Year 13 for their opinions on the best things about boarding at St Mary’s. This is what they said:


  1. Staff

“I love the boarding staff – they’re so warm, friendly and helpful and they are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during term time. Staff help with school subjects and homework and a nurse comes to the house each morning during the week.”

  1. Friends

“I really enjoy being able to live with my friends, many of whom are from different countries. Mary Ward House is "a world in one house" which provides opportunities for us to learn about and from people from different cultures. I think it will prepare us well for the future world of work.”


  1. The environment and facilities

“I really like Mary Ward House, as it has light and airy surroundings but with a cosy, warm homely feel. There's space in the large garden to play table tennis, skate board or shoot some hoops. Inside, we can personalise our own space. There are nice dorms and common rooms, good spaces to work in and the piano.”  


  1. Location

“Mary Ward House is close to school, a 2-minute walk to Costa coffee and the local supermarket; 4 minutes to the train station and multi-screen cinema and a 20-minute walk to the centre of Cambridge. Chaatime is also close by!”


  1. Food

“Meals during the week are prepared by our chef who catered at the 2012 London Olympic Games. I like brunch and dinner and especially the after school snack when it's pizza! There are water fountains on every floor of Mary Ward House and food is always available.”


  1. Feeling heard and listened to

“There's a suggestion board and boarders are able to give feedback and make suggestions at our weekly meeting with the Housemistress.”


  1. Fun trips and activities

“There are loads of fun trips and activities during the year, like the trip to Thorpe Park, the Harry Potter Studio tour and trips to London. Our Christmas dinner at Peterhouse was really great!”


  1. Learning life skills

“Prep helps keep you on top of your work, boarding helps you to learn to be organised and independent, and living with others from different cultures helps you develop tolerance and love for one another.”

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