Computer Science

Code. Innovate. Create.

From age 3 up, our ground-breaking approach to STEM, engages girls in the exciting possibilities that science, technology, engineering and mathematics open up for their future.

We inspire girls through engaging, real-world projects and create a foundation for future STEM careers.

In Computer Science, girls experience a wide range of coding challenges and skills, alongside more traditional ICT learning. Curriculum highlights include:

  • Reception: learning about sequences of instructions using BeeBots to navigate specific routes.
  • Years 1 and 2: creating animations and on-screen events using Scratch Junior.
  • Years 3 and 4: designing simple computer games using Scratch, plus Crumble programming using our Crumble 'Playground' equipment, which includes LEDs, switches, buzzers, light and touch sensors and motors.
  • Years 5 and 6: exploring flowchart programming and text-based coding using LOGO, HTML and Python, using real-world application.

Why St Mary's

At a glance
  • Specialist teaching
  • New technologies and skills
  • Future employability focus
  • Year-on-year progression
  • Coding
  • National RoboCup competition success
  • Career role models

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What our teachers say...

At a recent STEM outreach event, girls worked in inter-school teams to program CrumbleBot robots to explore Mars. A three-part mission challenged them to code their CrumbleBot to follow a route marked out by a previous mission to find a cave system; explore it; find the way out; returning to the spacecraft by tracking a searchlight beam.

To complete the task girls had to apply monochrome, ultrasonic and light sensors; analogue and digital signals; variables; conditional statements; and nested loops.