Our team

At St Mary's School we have a team of teaching and support staff who are dedicated to guiding students through their educational journey. They are high-qualified and enthusiastic.

Get to know some members of our team, by reading our light-hearted staff interviews below:

Miss Fleming

Deputy Head: Pastoral and Boarding


What was your favourite subject at school? Music, English and History

Why did you become a teacher? I think it was in my DNA! My mum was a primary school teacher and both my brother and sister are also teachers. I used to play at being a teacher – even marking work – and of course I suffered every teacher’s child’s nightmare of spending every day after school, and lots of time during the holidays, being in school whilst mum wrote reports, marked work and got things ready for the next term. Apparently you could always tell that I had been in a classroom because when I drew on the blackboards I would draw a crown on everyone – a habit which took me a while to grow out of. Anyway, I went to university in Liverpool, stayed on to teach and honed my craft in a very big comprehensive until I found my new family here.

How did you arrive at St Mary’s School, Cambridge? I first met some girls from the school in 1986 when I was doing my O Levels and went to Lourdes for the first time, as a young helper. Little did I know that my relationship with the school would continue off and on through the Glanfield Group until I came here for a BBQ in 1997, and said “well, if you ever have a job going you know where I am”. The next thing I knew was I was telephoned in Liverpool, so I came down to see the school properly, met Mrs Dodsworth and knew that I had found the right place for me. The fact that the school uniform at the time was black watch tartan (my favourite) was an added bonus. Kismet!

What’s your favourite thing about working here? Can I have two? It has to be the girls and my department colleagues – no day would be complete without them.

Favourite things! What’s your all time favourite…
Book: Winnie the Pooh
Poem: Sonnet 116 by Shakespeare
Film: The Jungle Book or The Glenn Miller Story

Story: Anne of Green Gables
Recipe: Zucotta; a lush and luscious chocolate cake filled with black cherries, Kirsch, cream and grated chocolate. Yum!

What inspires you? Seeing the adversities other people have to overcome, and my parents.

What’s your favourite hobby? Singing

What sort of music is your favourite? Crowded House and Ella Fitzgerald

Where has your favourite holiday ever been? Australia

What’s your worst habit? Talking too much

Team trivia: (without looking it up) who discovered penicillin? Sir Alexander Fleming. [correct answer by Miss Fleming]