Parent partnership

We believe that our excellent relationships with the parents of our students is the foundation of strength which allows us to recognise the potential of each and every student, and accept, nurture and celebrate each girl, enabling her to make her contribution within our school and wider society.

Upholding the teaching of the Catholic church, that ‘the parent is the first educator of the child’, we consider that the duty of our school is to walk alongside parents in loving accompaniment. We understand that parenting, and growing up, are different from every viewpoint, with a range of hurdles to overcome and highlights to celebrate.

Our school is committed, therefore, not only to educating, nurturing and preparing young people for their futures, but also to supporting, encouraging and equipping parents in their role as the child’s first educator – by which we mean emotionally, spiritually and ethically, as well as academically. We were delighted to see our efforts recognised in the latest Independent Schools Inspectorate report (2014), in which the school was awarded 97% for parental satisfaction.

A good understanding and warm relationship between parents and teachers helps to enhance each girl’s education. We work to build trust between staff and parents, through regular, clear communications about what each student and parent is likely to encounter each term; collaborating with parents in solving any problems as they arise, making every effort to listen and offer genuine solutions; and by hosting parent talks, social events, and regular and ad hoc formal and informal communication. The type of parental partnership and support provided will change accordingly as each girls reaches a different phase of her life.

Our girls gain from seeing their parents take an active interest in the school, and the school benefits from the involvement of a vibrant and friendly parent community. Find out about getting involved in the school community through the St Mary’s School, Cambridge Circle.