Why all girls'

We excel at educating girls. From teaching and pastoral care to school life, everything at St Mary’s is built for girls. #yesshecan

What we offer

  • Teaching tailored to girls’ learning styles, needs and developmental stage.
  • A space where gender stereotypes cannot thrive, where girls focus on being themselves and defining their place in the world.
  • A nurturing environment, full of role models that encourage and inspire girls.
  • Every opportunity for girls to take the lead; to comfortable putting themselves forward.

The facts

Statistics show that girls in single-sex schools achieve higher academic results, compared to their co-ed peers. We believe the benefits are much broader.

As members of the Girls’ School Association (GSA), we offer an approach that empowers girls to pursue their unique path. Studies show that girls in GSA schools are more likely to choose ‘more challenging’ STEM subjects.

Here are some of the stats*:

  • 75% more likely to study Mathematics A-Level
  • 70% more likely to study Chemistry
  • 2.5 times more likely to study Physics
  • twice as likely to study languages

[*Source: GSA]

Free from stereotyping, our girls thrive in an environment that allows their intellectual and social confidence to flourish. They dream big - because , girls believe anything is possible. We understand ‘real-life’ isn’t single-sex and our education is well-balanced with the ‘co-ed’ life enjoyed by our students beyond our school gates.

Learning styles

Girls and boys mature and learn in different ways. Research shows that girls prefer collaborative working and enjoy problem-solving, but tend to be more self-critical than boys. Our girls benefit from teaching tailored specifically to suit their learning styles, needs and developmental stage.

Beyond gender stereotypes

Research also shows that girls in single-sex schools are less likely to follow gender stereotypes. They select subjects that they enjoy, based on their natural ability. Our girls think beyond stereotypes, combining Physics with Photography, Chemistry with Classics or Mathematics with Mandarin.

Inspiring futures

Our girls do not view any career as closed to them. We encourage them to pursue their unique ambitions, supported by excellent careers advice and work experience opportunities.

Taking the lead

In our small, girls-only classrooms, we offer an environment where intellectual and social confidence can blossom. This builds confidence. Our girls feel comfortable putting themselves forward, taking responsibility and leading.

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"As Vice-President of the GSA (Girls’ Schools Association) I am clear about the benefits to young women of a single-sex environment for their schooling." Charlotte Avery, Headmistress