Welcome to Boarding

The boarding team members all have considerable experience of pastoral care and of creating a warm, family atmosphere. Your daughter will be able to relax, enjoy her leisure time and feel totally at home.

To find out more about the ethos of our boarding community please click here to view our Boarding Principles and Practice information.

Boarding staff live with and watch over the girls.

Title Name
Head of Boarding Miss Claire Elliott
Housemistress Miss Jennifer Woodley
Boarding Matrons

Miss Diana Dunlop
Mrs Trish Hale
Mrs Rose Khan
Miss Sharlene Walton

Gap Year students

Miss Abbey Downes
Miss Phoebe Halley 

Our girls work hard during the week and enjoy using the school’s facilities outside of school hours - the Art and Photography Centre, Music and Textiles rooms, badminton and tennis courts are at their disposal. They also have complimentary use of a near-by fitness centre and free entrance to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

In between all the excitement and bustle of busy boarding life, girls are encouraged to stay in touch with family and friends. Members of the boarding staff are also in regular contact with parents and guardians.

To read more about how boarding schools create a unique environment for girls to thrive in please click on the link below:

The Best of British Education for Girls

A typical day in boarding

A typical day in boarding will see the girls woken up at 7.00am by a Sixth Form student in time for breakfast between 7.15am and 7.45am. After breakfast the boarders have time to get ready to join our day girls for the entirety of the school day, which begins at 8.30am with registration.

At the end of school, at 4.00pm, the girls are free to spend time in the boarding house and will be provided with a light snack. Girls in Year 7 to Year 9 will attend a structured activity between 4.45pm and 5.30pm – either a boarding activity or, if preferred, an extra-curricular club with day girls who have stayed late after school. They can get a head-start on homework or attend a wide range of extra-curricular activities. There are many organised activities to keep girls busy and productive during their down-time including craft sessions, dance and cookery classes, and regular trips are organised by the boarding staff. Punting, bowling, the cinema and theatre trips are firm favourites. The boarders come back together as a community to eat dinner at 6.00pm in the boarding house each day.

Weekends have a different format, with girls enjoying brunch later on in the morning, before taking on the range of activities that the boarding community has to offer – find out more about boarding here. The boarding team also organises trips to places of interest which have recently included a visit to the London Fashion Museum and the Harry Potter Film Studios.

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