An alumna of St Mary’s School, Cambridge cherishes her memories and friendships from her time at our school.

She is a mature, independent and well-informed individual with an instinct to achieve and the ability to lead. She is a confident global citizen with a strong sense of responsibility towards others. She is a young woman of faith and reason, ready to make her mark on the world, supported by a network of lifelong friends who is an active participant in our alumnae association.

In October 2014, the Pastonian Association was brought under the auspices of St Mary’s School, Cambridge, which now has the capacity to support a wide range of exciting activities and events for all of our alumnae.

The school’s efforts to engage with and keep in touch with its alumnae can be traced back to a ‘first’ Christmas Pastonian Newsletter in 1946. At this time, The Old Pastonians were a self-governing body with a committee of 10 and a total of 188 members. The newsletter contained an alphabetical list of Old Pastonians and a brief update of their news – stories from the war, some school news and some staff news.

We now have a database of over 4,000 names and contact details and, with input from our alumnae, we will be able to continue to grow this. The Pastonian Association, which is co-ordinated by the Development Office, offers its members a number of benefits including:

  • Events and reunions – enabling alumnae to meet up and stay in touch
  • Careers – offering our current students access to careers mentoring, work experience and gap year opportunities through our alumnae network
  • Prayers and Mass – for those alumnae who have made contact with the school regarding special intentions or adventures

Please note: St Mary’s School, Cambridge student leavers only become full members of the Pastonian Association when they reach their 18th birthday and have left the school. Students who leave the school in Year 11 become affiliated members of the Pastonian Association, until their 18th birthday when they become full members.

About us

Our Development Office, which is supported by Mrs Emma Whittley as Alumnae Officer, was set up in 2014. The development team’s aim is to grow and develop the programme of events on offer to alumnae, parents, former staff, friends and supporters. The team also develops fundraising programmes to support a number of capital projects which will help to build and grow the school’s reach in terms of the range and quality of facilities on offer, as well as building up an endowment fund to ensure the long term future of the school.

The Development Office’s primary focus is to ensure that alumnae always have a place at St Mary’s School, Cambridge and to bring together our community through a range of projects, events and activities which enhance and enrich the school.

Keeping in touch

Please keep in touch and tell us your news by emailing alumnae@stmaryscambridge.co.uk and by joining our dedicated Pastonian Facebook group – click here or just search for the Pastonian Association, St Mary’s School, Cambridge the next time you are on Facebook.

*Unless these events are free of charge they are school fundraising events, with proceeds going to the school’s chosen charities or development projects.