We have a thriving Technology department, which comprises curricular Computer Science, Textiles, and Food Technology, alongside opportunities for the girls to delve into engineering and design technology projects as part of our STEM club provision.

Computer Science is taught to girls from Reception onwards. At A Level, Computer Science is offered as an optional subject.

From Raving Robots and Hacksaw Club, to Young Engineers and Gadgeteer Club, there are opportunities for girls of all ages to experience fun and practical STEM workshops, enabling them to see what they can achieve through learning and practising their skills. As a result, we have impressive numbers of students who wish to pursue engineering degrees at university.

Textiles students enter national design competitions, such as the London Design Museum Challenges, and significant numbers of our girls go on to study Textiles or Fashion at a range of prestigious Higher Education institutions, including the London School of Fashion.

Scholarships are available for excellence in Textiles, STEM, and Design and Enterprise.