Studying in Cambridge

Our girls benefit from the school’s favourable location in the heart of one of the most culturally exciting of all of Britain’s cities.

Museums, theatres, concert halls, shops and many of the resources of the University of Cambridge are at our disposal and we make full use of them in our lessons and activities, and free time.

However, our surroundings are not all hustle and bustle. The Cambridge University Botanic Garden is just next door and provides an atmosphere of natural peace and tranquillity, ideal for study and contemplation. In addition we make use of a wide range of city and University of Cambridge world-class facilities for sport and music including rowing facilities on the River Cam, the University of Cambridge’s athletics track and its West Road Concert Hall.

The students profit from proximity to the prestigious University of Cambridge as well as other educational centres including Anglia Ruskin University. As a secondary school we are able to benefit from university material equipment and human resources in these STEM-related research labs and departments. Female undergraduates from the University of Cambridge reading Mathematics and Engineering come into classes to act as role models to inspire our students in STEM subjects, degrees and careers.

A range of highly prestigious organisations are also based in Cambridge with which our school has excellent connections for work experience and speaker opportunities including: Addenbrooke’s, a world-class teaching hospital; Microsoft; the Science Parks which form the core of the UK’s ‘Silicon Fen’; the Fitzwilliam Museum and other university museums.

The school is just a 10 minute walk from the train station from where it is only 45 minutes to the centre of London. It is within 70 miles of all of the international London airports – Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton – and all are within easy reach by coach and train. The school can also organise for our preferred taxi company to collect students.

Taking Leave of Cambridge Again
by Xu Zhimo

Softly I am leaving,
Just as softly as I came;
I softly wave goodbye
To the clouds in the western sky.

The golden willows by the riverside
Are young brides in the setting sun;
Their glittering reflections on the shimmering river
Keep undulating in my heart.

The green tape grass rooted in the soft mud
Sways leisurely in the water;
I am willing to be such a waterweed
In the gentle flow of the River Cam.

That pool in the shade of elm trees
Holds not clear spring water, but a rainbow
Crumpled in the midst of duckweeds,
Where rainbow-like dreams settle.

To seek a dream? Go punting with a long pole,
Upstream to where green grass is greener,
With the punt laden with starlight,
And sing out loud in its radiance.

Yet now I cannot sing out loud,
Peace is my farewell music;
Even crickets are now silent for me,
For Cambridge this evening is silent.

Quietly I am leaving,
Just as quietly as I came;
Gently waving my sleeve,
I am not taking away a single cloud.

(6 November 1928)