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Upper Sixth students perform 'Shakers'

Upper Sixth students perform 'Shakers'

This month our three brilliant Upper Sixth A Level Drama and Theatre students Isobel B., Abbi H. and Molly P. performed Jane Thorton’s and John Godber’s play ‘Shakers’ as their group examination piece as well as moving monologues for the external examiner, staff, students and parents. 

‘Shakers’ is set in a trendy cocktail bar during Thatcher's yuppie 80s. The girls playing the overworked waitresses multi-role as the clientele, which range from your typical lads night out – “eyeing up everything that moves” –  to the local checkout girls who’ve drunk too much, the egotistical businessmen, the yuppies and the loved-up couples. The play is fast paced, wickedly funny and energetic, requiring precision in role-playing and definition in characterisation, which the girls achieved with aplomb.  

Ms Esther Roberts, Head of Drama, said: "This is a technically demanding piece requires superb characterisation in order to convey important social and political points about 1980s culture and the treatment experienced by the waitresses. The girls carried this off superbly, with outstanding comic timing, making the audience laugh out loud whilst cleverly casting a light on highly topical issues relating to the #metoo campaign and equality. The searing monologues which followed shocked and moved the audience and contrasted effectively to show the breadth and skill of the girls as accomplished performers. Mr Abery and I were so proud of the work that they put into the rehearsal process as well as the performances themselves.” 

Take a look at our photo gallery of the performance.