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STEM: Exploring Mathematics in Senior School

STEM: Exploring Mathematics in Senior School

The Mathematics department at the Senior School has continued to challenge students to communicate mathematical ideas, observations and knowledge clearly and effectively, and to inspire a creative, challenging and enjoyable working environment for girls.  

Year 7 students had the opportunity to see one of the few remaining Enigma machines up close. They gained a fascinating insight into the life of one of our most famous mathematicians, Alan Turing, followed by an opportunity to test their own code breaking skills in a series of puzzles.

Math4Girls eventAs part of our Maths4Girls day, three local women came in to talk to Year 9 students regarding how they use mathematics as part of their daily lives, providing vital links between what our students learn in school and the real world. We heard what it was like to be a student at the University of Cambridge, how mathematics is used in architecture and explored the work of a real-life rocket scientist.  

In the Sixth Form a group of Year 13 students took part in the Team Maths Challenge at Cambridge University's Centre of Mathematical Sciences. They had an amazing opportunity to test their skills against a host of local schools.

"Our Puzzle of the Month also gives students an opportunity to be creative and to demonstrate flexibility in their mathematical thinking, with prizes awarded to students who develop the most elegant solutions."

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