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Senior School Art Partnership

Senior School Art Partnership

St Mary's art department were delighted to welcome thirty-one Year 4 pupils from St Alban’s Catholic Primary School into our dynamic art centre at No.47 for an all-day creative craft workshop.

The excited group developed an understanding and appreciation of crafts in Native American art. They analysed, refined and evaluated their outcomes making links and connections between their own production of a ‘gods-eye’ dream catcher which originates in Ojibwe culture as the "spider web charm".    

All the young pupils thoroughly enjoyed the activities and the opportunity to have an art lesson in a working art studio. One said: 

“I thought that No.47 was a very fun environment. I liked the weaving of the dreamcatcher; adding amazing colours to it and the details like feathers and beads.”  

The pupils applied knowledg and explored craft-based techniques in the development of their own dreamcatchers using a wonderful array of colours, wools and embellishments.

We discussed the outcomes and the origins of the dream catcher and its purpose in groups. The pupil comments, in both written and verbal form, showed that the workshop was creative, interesting and exciting.  The visitors also enjoyed a tour of the department and viewed our A Level and GCSE summer art exhibition which they found really inspiring:

“I thought it was amazing because there is so much art to see on the walls and it is fun to look at.”  

It also appeared that lunchtime was a big hit with many students commenting on the delicious food and our beautiful Elms garden area!

Thank you so much to St Alban’s Catholic Primary School for enabling us to work with their wonderful Year 4 pupils and staff. It was a great opportunity for us to share our passion for art with them all.  

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