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My time at home - by Imogen in Year 5

My time at home - by Imogen in Year 5

In our first student 'social distancing' blog, Imogen C. in Year 5 tells us what life has been like since the school closure, and what she's been up to during an Easter holiday in lockdown to ensure we are #stillStMarys.

Since the school closed because of the Coronavirus pandemic, things have changed massively. As the school closed near the end of term it meant we had to do some work remotely. We were using ‘Teams’ which was a bit tricky to start with but once we got used to it, it was fun!

Then the school term finished, and I have been doing other things. I have been dancing with my sister for our neighbours, daily, who watch us over the fence when they go out for their dog walk. We have been picnicking in the garden, playing in the sunshine and going out for walks in the countryside and on cycle rides. We have also been busy painting, drawing, doing word searches and Easter crafts. Lots of fun!

Coronavirus has had an impact on what we eat. We can’t get any food deliveries and I haven’t been allowed to go to the shops. Instead we have supported local businesses who have delivered fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. The vegetable scraps we save for the neighbour’s chicken feed.

I have been keeping up my guitar practice and have had video lessons with my guitar teacher, Mr Medlock. I have learnt 2 pieces so far, which have been hard, but enjoyable when I can play them properly. I have had singing lessons too and am enjoying the ‘song of the week’ challenge with my sister, on piano.

The good aspects about this are that I have spent lots of time with my immediately family. I don’t need a car to get to school, I just walk downstairs. Everything I need is in my house. The not so good things are I am missing my friends, but I have skyped them lots. I miss my relatives, although we have skype calls with my grandparents and play games with them remotely. Just because we can’t be close to one another doesn’t mean we can’t communicate.

I am really looking forward to going back to St Mary’s when this is all over. This has taught me to never take my pleasures for granted, as in times of trouble we always have our family and community.

By Imogen C., 5L

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