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Mental health and well-being in our Junior School

Mental health and well-being in our Junior School

When we ask the Junior School girls to name the 12 Mary Ward values, they often mention ‘kindness’. 

Actually, kindness is not one of the Mary Ward values, but perhaps the girls cite it because it is a value we return to time and again. This year the theme for Mental Health Awareness week was kindness, and we have seen that it is embedded in both our school culture and teaching in Junior School

Those who are fortunate enough to have been taught by Mrs Kew will know that she ends every day by telling the girls ‘to be good, be kind and be happy.’ 

Our House system, with the girls being part of mixed age ‘family’ groups, promotes kindness and understanding; meetings are centred around our word of the week. Examples from this year have included: compassion, supporting each other and concern for society. 

In December, every teacher shared, the Action for Happiness calendar of kindness with their class, where there was an idea for every day. Carrying out acts of kindness and compassion promotes good mental health, and we will continue to ensure that this message is at the forefront of our pastoral care and teaching in the Junior School.   

I love St Mary's because of the sense of love and care that is built into the foundations of the school. Not only do my friends care about me, the kindness that comes from my teachers is something that I think cannot be found anywhere else. Junior School pupil

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