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Gymnasts shine at Gymnastics Display

Gymnasts shine at Gymnastics Display

On Tuesday 11 February the St Mary’s 2020 Gymnastics display was held. The display was a huge success with 59 Senior School girls and 23 Junior School girls performing. The girls had been practising hard for months during gymnastics club and all their hard work paid off with some exceptional performances. There were 20 performances including a mix of solo, pair and larger group routines. It was particularly pleasing to see girls from different year groups performing together and engaging in peer on peer learning. The night was a huge success and credit to all the performers for their efforts. Every girl should be proud of their performance and congratulated. The final routine was a Year 11 group performance which capped off an exceptional evening and ended the night with a bang.

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The St Mary’s Gymnastics Salver was a new award this year to congratulate and celebrate excellence and dedication to gymnastics in Year 10. It was awarded to Maya B. who is an outstanding gymnastic and well-deserved winner. The Frances Hawken Gymnastics Salver has a long running tradition at St Mary’s and is awarded to a Year 11 gymnast. The award went to Eve H. who has performed in each gym display since year 7 and performed an excellent individual piece. Gymnastics colours were also awarded with the following students receiving them:

Lower School Half Colours:

  • Elizabeth R.
  • Amelia McA.
  • Ruby V.
  • Sarah W.

Upper School Half Colours:

  • Erin McA.
  • Poppy E.
  • Jessica C.
  • Laura C.
  • Ruby P.
  • Jessica F.
  • Brooke L.


Lower School Full Colours:

  • Jasmine H.
  • Sarah H.
  • Honor C.
  • Abby H.


Take a look at our photo gallery of the Gymnastics Display.

Upper School Full Colours:

  • Emily H.
  • Maya B.
  • Georgia G.
  • Poppy-Rae M.
  • Eve H.