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From our Rowing Captain

From our Rowing Captain

During my time at St Mary’s, rowing has grown massively, with the new boat house being built and so many girls entering into competitions on the River Cam and beyond.

I’ve been able to participate in rowing through my games lessons and also in extra-curricular sessions. St Mary’s has been very supportive, enabling me to accommodate my academic studies alongside my club training programme.  

Rowing at St Mary's

St Mary’s has a great set rowing club up that enables girls with a range of abilities to row, whether they’re keen to compete or are just rowing for fun.

When I joined in Year 7, rowing was only available for Sixth Form students, but now anyone from the Senior School is able to give it a go. The coaches are great and have personally helped me improve both my technique and power. 

The quality of the coaching is shown through the amazing results we achieve in all of our races! 

The standard of rowing is so impressive, with girls competing and winning against others that have been members of boat clubs for years! I have loved being able to get out on the river during games lessons, it’s so refreshing and nice. 

 At the moment, I’m focusing my efforts on working towards the British Rowing Indoor Championships, which means lots of long, hard erg sessions ahead! I’ve been making the most of land training sessions recently due to the coronavirus crisis. I can’t wait to get back to rowing on the river when everything opens up again soon.

Happy rowing! 

Bella H.

Rowing Captain

Rowing at St Mary's

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